Marc Anthony
Marco Antonio Muñiz
September 16, 1968 (50 years old)
New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Actor, singer-songwriter, record producer & T.V. producer
Years active:
Guillermina Muñiz (deceased)
Felipe Muñiz
Debbie Rosado (1993-1995)
Chloe Green (2013-2014)
Mariana Downing (2016-2017)
Raffaella Modugno (2017-present)
Claudette Lali (1996-1998)
Dayanara Torres (m. 2000-2004)
Jennifer Lopez (m. 2004-2014)
Shannon de Lima (m. 2014-2017)
with Debbie:
Arianna Muñiz (b. 1994; daughter)
Chase Muñiz (b. 1995; adoptive son)

with Dayanara:
Cristian Muñiz (b. 2001; son)
Ryan Muñiz (b. 2003; son)

with Jennifer:
Emme Muñiz (b. 2008; daughter)
Max Muñiz (b. 2008; son)

Marc Anthony (born: Marco Antonio Muñiz; September 16, 1968) is a Puerto Rican-American actor, singer-songwriter, record producer & T.V. producer.

3nd Engagement

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1st & 2nd Weddings

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  • Marc was named after Mexican singer, Marco Antonio Muñiz.
  • Marc's full name in Puerto Rico is Marco Antonio Muñiz Quiñones.
  • Marc was 24 when he began dating Debbie.
  • Marc was 25 when Debbie gave birth to Arianna.
  • Marc was 26 when he & Debbie adopted Chase and when he & Debbie split.
  • Marc was 31 when he married Dayanara.
  • Marc was 32 when Dayanara gave birth to Cristian.
  • Marc was 34 when Dayanara gave birth to Ryan.
  • Marc was 35 when he & Dayanara got divorced and when he married Jennifer.
  • Marc was 38 when Jennifer gave birth to Emme & Max.
  • Marc was 45 when he & Jennifer got divorced.
  • Marc was 46 when he married Shannon.
  • Marc was 48 when he & Shannon got divorced.
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