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"Hypnotico" is an up-tempo dance song that contains a "''chunky beat''" and retro-80s synths with an "''old-school feel.''"
Categorized as a "''synth-heavy record,''" the dancehall-tinged track also contains handclaps and "''boy-toying''" with syllables and a "''boricua shoutout''" all running at 119 bpm.
It opens with Jennifer calling out: "''All the girls that know they sexy, come on!''"
"''They love me for my body / I'm original sexy''," sings Jennifer over the "''bombastic bassline''" before the chanting chorus kicks in: "''All the boys are lovin' when we do our thing / We just some silly heartbreakers tonight.''"
DJ Shane Phoenix considered "Hypnotico" to be a "''dub-style track.''" He wrote that it "''has some great breaks''," a "''serious electro key line''" and thought the repetitive bassline would be good for dancing.
According to Emily Exton of Popdust, the song's "''light and catchy''" chorus "''declares herself just one among a group of innocent flirts''" and allows Jennifer to showcase "''some range''" and provides a nice counter to the "''repetitive, staccato breakdown of the song’s title that precedes it.''"
Exton also pointed out that "''hyp-not, hyp-not-ico''" is almost identical to "On the Floor"'s "''up on the floor, up on the floor.''"
Nyree McFarlane from Gulfnews named the song as "''euphoric,''" adding that it was a "''true club track''."
==Critical Response==
==Critical Response==
"Hypnotico" received generally mixed reviews from music critics.
"Hypnotico" received generally mixed reviews from music critics.
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