Hold It Don't Drop It is a song recorded by Puerto Rican-American singer, Jennifer Lopez for her 6th studio album, Brave.

It was written by Kevin Risto, Waynne Nugent, Jennifer, Allen Phillip Lees, Tawana Dabney, Janet Sewell, Cynthia Lissette, Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter.

The song samples the bassline from Tavares' 1975 hit song "It Only Takes a Minute."


"Hold It Don't Drop It" is a pop song with a running length of three minutes and fifty-five seconds and contains elements of disco, funk & R&B music.

Music VideoEdit

The video was shot on November 16, 2007 and directed by Melina Matsoukas.

It premiered on December 4, 2007 on MTV Europe and MTV Turkey. Jennifer was pregnant when the video was filmed.

In the video, she starts off by dancing in a spotlight wearing a hat, flipping between close-ups of her face and of her sitting on top of a giant silver disco ball.

Jennifer is then standing with a microphone stand in a white room on podiums with three male back-up dancers in suits lined behind her.

When the chorus lines kick in, the lights above and below the soundstage flash and when Jennifer is singing, she occasionally picks up the mic stand to sing into it and waves it above her head.

There are also scenes of Jennifer singing in the spotlight into a mic hanging down and of her sitting on a white chair facing away from the camera.


The song received generally positive reviews from critics.

Nick Levine of Digital Spy awarded the song four out of five stars, calling the song one of "the most lusty, persuasive vocals of her career" as well as noting its effect to be "bold, brash and sassy."

Slant Magazine's Eric Henderson said, "the song thrashes your body mercilessly the first time, tickles your ears the second time and compels you to track down that old "It Only Takes a Minute" vinyl by the third or fourth."

Mike Joseph of PopMatters noted that the song included "sizable chunks" from "It Only Takes a Minute."

Slant Magazine named "Hold It Don't Drop It" the thirty-fifth best song of 2007, praising "a surprisingly agile vocal performance from La Lopez, making it the singer's best single in years."

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